Thursday, January 26, 2012

Secrets of Good Health

Where there is a will there is a way

This is a well know proverb and we at certain times use this proverb when ever we want to encourage or boost up an individual or a group to be successful or finish off a task assigned. We all have noticed that we put in our best to be successful and we make it a point to achieve what we have set as tasks. If we take an employee this person does everything to make his employer happy and satisfied no matter what ever he or she has to do. We feel happy and encouraged when we see the results.

Health Today

Let me discuss here about an important issue of our life and which almost 90% are neglecting and that is our Health. It is often said by many of us that Health is Wealth but sad to say that this is the most neglected part in our life. We only care about our health when we face any problem or when we are struck with any disease or sickness. We have become so busy with our life that we only take care of our health till the time we are recovered and after that it's the same old way.

Since we are neglecting this part of our life we are seeing a lot of common problems in a person who at later point of time becomes dangerous to their life and some times it becomes a risk and there is no point of turning back and only needs to control it to survive.

Every one likes to have or maintain good health and we often do a variety of things to maintain Good Health and some how or the other we try to maintain. Most of the time when the context of good health comes up we thing of physical fitness but there are many dimensions for good health and let us explore the secrets or rules for a good health.

Death is one such thing that every one fears and to avoid this we try many things to so that we may have good health and live long but when we look at the history of civilization over the centuries the cause of death has changed. It was through wars and natural calamities in the early civilization. When civilization started expanding or exploring other parts of the world then it was due to poor sanitation and living conditions and the major factor being the infectious disease such as cholera, plague etc.

With the advancement in Medical sciences the communicable diseases were nearly eradicated. But today the major killer is modern lifestyle due to high levels of stress, sedentary lifestyle, high level of obesity and others transforming into diseases like heart attacks, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetics and others chronic ailments.

The different ways to maintain a good health are:

1. Undergoing a complete Medical Check at least once in a year to really understand in which stage our body and health is.

2. Daily maintain a schedule to do moderate and regular exercise at least for half an hour to one hour by way of going for a walk or jogging or even in the office climbing up and down the stair case. Some physical activity for muscles, bones etc are required.

3. Maintaining a healthy food habit. Eating the right food at right time of right quantity and right amount of calories.

4. Undergoing certain exercises to reduce stress. Should have a regular time for Stress Management and Meditation in the form of dance, yoga or any type which is suitable for the body.

5. The main reason for loss of health is the habit of smoking and intake of alcohol. The best way is to avoid Smoking, alcohol and finally giving them up other wise these will have adverse effect on the body.

Secrets of Good Health

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