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It's Not Enough to Wear Pants

Not long ago, a colleague turned me onto a book called Women Don't Ask, by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2003). It suggests that, for historical, cultural, social, and psychological reasons, women have great difficulty telling other people what they want. According to the authors, society pays a heavy price for this problem. How can we fix it?

Historically speaking, Western women were a long time getting the right to own property, to attend college, to vote, and to control their reproductive capacity. For millennia, women's lives were controlled by external forces. The tradition of subservience permeates social customs to this day, because the old-time gender roles, being familiar, seem correct and appropriate to everyone.

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For eons, women were supposed to let men handle invitations on a date and the proposal of marriage. Men, not women, were widely seen as heads of household. Even now, when children are born, they usually take the surname of the father, not the mother, suggesting that he rather than she principally shapes the family's collective identity.

It's Not Enough to Wear Pants

The chores assigned to girls usually emphasize dependence, are performed daily or routinely, and tend to go uncompensated; examples are cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes. In contrast, those given to boys encourage independence, are less frequently performed, and are more likely to command pay; examples are leaf raking, snow shoveling, and washing the car.

And just think of all the things American children may see fathers but not mothers doing-carpentry, plumbing repair, financial planning, woodcutting, and automotive work. (If your family includes kids, do they see their parents as equally willing and able to do all or most of the same kinds of work?)

Despite significant gains by women, domestic tasks are still generally theirs; employee jobs are more often men's territory. Disproportionate numbers of women teach school, nurse the sick, do word processing, and provide child care. Men fill the ranks of corporate officers, construction workers, financial managers, and engineers. Workplace etiquette and protocols continue to echo time-honored gender stereotypes.

Men are regarded as stronger, more rational, and more independent; women, as weaker, more emotional, and more interdependent. Independent types focus on individual achievement and are less concerned with how their actions affect the people around them. Interdependent people are keenly aware of others at all times; for them, a primary goal is to develop and protect strong relationships.

In negotiations, men think the issue at hand is "just business," gone and forgotten once agreement is reached. Women, in contrast, tend to worry about possible damage to the parties' future relationship. As a result, women-but not men-may feel uncomfortable negotiating because of fears about promoting conflict. Women generally accept employers' initial salary offers without negotiating, whereas men more often up the ante right away. (The gap in pay widens later.) Like other cultural and ethnic groups, women see themselves closed out of most positions of power and governed by forces outside their control.

The problem? It's women's sense of entitlement and self-esteem. So why don't women get together and demand their rights? Wasn't that what the twentieth-century feminist movement was all about?

The answer isn't so easy. Assertive women may be treated as bitchy or aggressive. They may be excluded socially or on the job, or they may be criticized until anxiety undermines their ability to make requests or deters them altogether from doing so. Women who resist the stereotype pay a big price. But rigid gender-based standards aren't just imposed on women. They are also perpetuated by women. And we all tend to ignore or forget evidence that is inconsistent with our beliefs.

For one thing, women often don't realize that change is possible. They don't know that they can ask for more. Worse, they have been taught, and have come to believe, that women

o are not entitled to receive more than they have been getting,

o should be content to receive less than men do, and

o should give away more than men would in their shoes.

Even in the bedroom, according to the supermarket magazines, women's needs are likely not to be met much of the time!

Overall, Babcock and Laschever tell us, the gender role divide carries huge costs for everyone. The undervaluing of women, by themselves and by society, is bad for women's psychological and physical health-and in the United States today, health care costs are skyrocketing. Second, when women are unequally rewarded for their work, they receive inadequate benefits-social security, disability insurance, pensions, unemployment insurance, and the like. At retirement age, women in the United States are twice as likely to be poor as men. The economic burden on society of caring for indigent elderly women is substantial.

Then too, when employers routinely assume that applicants with better salary histories are more capable, and when women are systematically denied better pay and better jobs at all levels of all businesses, the losers are not just women but society as a whole. Business growth and related gains in productivity are hampered when more than 50 percent of the citizenry is underemployed.

The authors ask, "Why should we tolerate a society in which half our citizens are arbitrarily undervalued and underpaid? Fairness . . . must be safeguarded and promoted even when its beneficiaries don't realize what they are missing" (pp. 54-55). When women's talents are underutilized, those talents are wasted and women are prevented from reaching their full potential. Last and particularly disturbing, some researchers have found that people who are not appropriately rewarded for their efforts cease to aim high (p. 57).

There are even more powerful reasons why women should assert themselves and why society should accept more assertive women. As we rub shoulders more often with virtual neighbors who live farther and farther away, it makes sense to heed new research showing that the best way to negotiate or to resolve conflict is to collaborate. We need to focus not on win-lose but on win-win. The parties' respective positions are less important than their needs, for there may be a way to accommodate everyone.

In this area-reconciliation and compromise-women's relationship skills have particular value for society. Women

o try to understand the other side's problem as the other side experiences it.

o report on the problem as it appears to them.

o analyze the issues to see whether a compromise might suit everyone.

o brainstorm solutions instead of insisting on one particular course of action.

Before women can realize these and other talents to the full, however, they must understand the historical, cultural, and psychological obstacles confronting them.

The authors offer a few helpful tips designed to facilitate change.

o Acknowledge that a negotiation almost always has both issue-related and relationship goals.

o Trust other negotiators to take care of their own needs (just worry about your own).

o Recognize that emotions needn't be completely absent from negotiations; while yelling and tears aren't recommended, a smiling and calm demeanor can be an asset.

In this area, as in so many others, society needs to ensure that everyone's voice is heard.

It's Not Enough to Wear Pants

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to Terror-Proof Your Money

"To drift is to be in hell, to be in heaven is to steer." --George
Bernard Shaw

Former Homeland Security Director,
Tom Ridge, has said it's not a matter of "if"
we'll have another terrorist attack, but when.
Like the attack of 9/11, the financial effects of
another terror attack will be felt by almost
everyone who lives in the United States. If you
have been lulled into a false sense of complacency
because we haven't been attacked yet, think for a
moment about what you could lose if a major attack
occurred in the not too distant future.
After September 11th, 2001, major economic shifts
occurred, and that was a relatively minor event.
If a nuclear or dirty bomb went off in New York
City, the economic "fall out" would be much, much
greater. Fortunately, there are simple, effective
ways to "terrorproof" your savings if you know
what to do.

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After the events of 9/11, I felt a
need to re-think how I allocated my own
investments. As a Certified Financial Planner and
investment educator, I also had many students that
were concerned about protecting their portfolio. I
looked for books that could be of help, but
couldn't find one that was useful and reasonably
priced. Therefore, I decided to write my own. With
the help of my co-author Jonathan Robinson, we
wrote "Terror-Proof Your Mind and Money: Create
Physical, Financial and Mental Security in
Dangerous Times."

How to Terror-Proof Your Money

In the book, we discuss many
practical ways to easily take the "terror" out of
terrorism by relieving one's anxiety, securing
one's home, and protecting one's financial assets.
Although I can't discuss all the suggestions
outlined in our book in a brief article such as this, I can
offer you many helpful guidelines for protecting
your assets in the event of another tragedy. When
the time of another attack occurs, if your
investments are in the right places, you'll
weather the ensuing storm just fine. Yet, if your
assets are badly positioned, you could face the
prospect of financial (as well as emotional)


If you honestly look
at our current economic climate, you can see there
are many vulnerabilities. In the event of a major
terrorist attack in the U.S., our economy could
fall like a "House of Cards." Consider the

1. The stock market, especially tech
stocks like Google, Yahoo and EBay are trading at
higher valuations than tech stock prices during
the bubble in the late 1990's. Many
commentators are even calling the early 2005
market an "echo bubble."

2. The benchmark 10 year
Treasury bond is yielding less than 5% in a world
that has been promised higher interest rates by
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. (Higher
interest rates will cause the value of your long
term bonds to automatically drop in value.)

3. The
housing market is certainly overpriced on both
coasts, and is probably unsustainable in the
middle of the country too. Home sales have begun
to slow down in light of higher mortgage rates,
outlandish prices, too much speculation, and buyer
exhaustion. If current homeowners can't borrow
more money out of their ever increasingly valuable
residence, will they keep spending at the mall? It
has largely been money borrowed out of housing
that has helped consumer buying the last three years...and
without it, the U.S. could easily fall into a
recession--causing even more problems.

4. The
value of the dollar--looked at by the rest of the
world as a share of stock in the USA Inc.--has been
falling for almost three years. Do you think the
world will continue to put 0-600 billion
dollars worth of their savings into our economy
each year? If foreigners decide not to send their
money to us, our interest rates will rise even
faster than the promised "gradualism" promised by
Mr. Greenspan. Most Americans don't really care
about the value of the dollar in world markets,
but I assure you if the dollar becomes some sort
of "American Peso," we will all quickly learn how
a weak dollar can hurt. For example, we have to
buy oil in dollars, and if dollars aren't worth
anything, how will we afford to fill the tank of
our nice new SUV?

5. And finally, the rate of
inflation (classically defined as too much of an
increase in the amount of money in circulation),
is rising. And if that kind of inflation
(monetary) is rising, then price inflation won't
be far behind. A rerun of price inflation would
essentially be a rerun of the entirely troublesome

Yes, there is undoubtedly some good news
on the investment front, but overpriced markets
are inherently risky in any kind of era, and they
perform very badly in panicky, terror stricken
financial markets. An act of terrorism would
exaggerate problems in all of these markets.


I have been teaching investment workshops since 1979. In 1999 and early
2000 I couldn't get my adult students to be worried about ridiculous stock
prices. My allegedly savvy adult students all thought, "This time it's different."
Well, live and learn. Warren Buffett, the best investor of our era has said,
"Investment knowledge is cumulative."
Mr. Buffet
has seemingly learned that the U.S. stock market
is not a good bet now. He has recently publicly
stated that he's not buying anything in the U.S.
stock market, but instead is focusing on buying
foreign currencies.

In studying what happened to
financial markets after the attack of 9/11, I
learned that investors who had money diversified
into various asset allocations did pretty well. So
if history is any lesson, you'll probably do fine
in the event of a future attack if you invest
"relatively" equal percentages of your investment
money in the categories of stocks, short term
bonds, cash, commercial real estate and
commodities (including gold and silver). Once
you've moved your money into these different asset
classes, the next thing to focus on is to start
picking specific mutual funds or individual
equities that you believe will perform well in
turbulent kinds of markets. For example, in an
increasingly dangerous world, certain "security"
stocks would likely be good investments (if other
value considerations are present.) Such classic
defense stocks as Boeing and Lockeed have done
well since 9/11. Of course, I'm not your financial
advisor and this is not the forum to be touting
any particular companies, so I'm not recommending
anything without knowing more about you. Rather,
my goal here is to get you to look at allocation
of assets - the big areas your assets are invested

Besides detailing how certain industries
did after 9/11, I devote significant attention in
our book to encouraging investors to include
precious metals in their portfolios. Gold and
silver have protected investors for centuries from
financial mismanagement, bad governments,
inflation, and of course, war. It's not an
accident that the Golden Rule is frequently
misquoted as "Those with the gold rule." It is
also worth remembering that all "fiat" currencies
(paper declared to be money by some authority
without it being exchangeable into anything else)
have eventually become "collectibles." Confederate
money, French assignats, Iraqui dinars, etc. have
all become confetti. Compare that track record to
the fact that every single gold or silver coin
ever made still has value. You should think about
placing some percentage of your money in gold and
silver if you are looking to make your portfolio

Your preparation doesn't have to be
perfect. As George Patton said, "A good plan today
is better than a perfect plan tomorrow." Nobody is
born knowing how to invest. Smart investors
develop their expertise by reading about what
others did with their money, and coming up with a
suitable plan based on all the information they
can collect. Remember, traditional Wall Street
brokers and TV financial analysts rarely (if ever)
bring up the subject of terror-proofing your
savings. Therefore, other than the book I
co-authored on this subject, you're pretty much on
your own when considering the likely implications
of a terror attack on your financial health. Make
your decisions carefully.

For most people, the
worst scars from a future terrorist attack won't
be physical. They will be emotional and financial.
If you are caught flat-footed, your future
financial plans (and those of your loved ones)
could be delayed for a significant period of time, or destroyed
altogether. That would be adding one tragedy on
top of another. It's time to pay attention to your
where your money is and take appropriate
action...before it's too late.

How to Terror-Proof Your Money

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carrot Juice for Skin Health

Your skin is a reflection of your underlying health. Good nutrition including fresh vegetable juice such as carrots can play a role in creating better-looking skin. Carrot Juice is used for skin health to provide curative and preventative properties for healthy glowing skin. The largest organ in the body, our skin is the first defense against germs and the environment. One of the best ways to slow the aging of skin is to ensure the skin is well hydrated by consuming fresh juice and plenty of water each day.

Carrots are regarded as the 'herbal healer' of skin diseases as they promote the repair of skin tissue. Carrot juice is a valuable source of Vitamin A, which is a major vitamin for skin health. Carrots are rich in antioxidants, including phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, which protect, nourish and moisturize the skin. Nutrition received from carrots helps to reduce photosensitivity to promote skin renewal and protect the skin from sun damage.

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Carrot juice acts as an anti-inflammatory and revitalizes and tones the skin. Cosmetically, carrots are used to treat dermatitis, eczema, rashes and wrinkles caused by free radicals. Carrot juice is also used to assist in the healing of cuts and abrasions. Complexion problems due mainly to toxic overload in the body and an acidic condition in the blood can be stabilized through consumption of carrot juice. Potassium in the carrots helps to neutralize the excess acid and the vitamin A assists the liver in flushing toxins from the body.

Carrot Juice for Skin Health

A recent study in the Netherlands found a significant link between skin condition and the level of vitamin A in the blood. Natural vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene is abundant in fresh carrot juice thereby negating the need for vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin A deficiencies in the body include: premature wrinkling, skin impurities, acne, dry, scaly and rough skin, especially on the arms and legs. Carrot juice applied daily is great for uneven skin tones due to blemishes and pigmentation. Extract juice from carrots and pineapple using a juicer: mix pineapple juice and carrot juice together, apply it on the face and wash off after 15 minutes. Use this daily to achieve clear and even toned skin.

Drink carrot juice in small doses, as the body is unable to assimilate more than 8oz of carrot juice at a time. Large consumptions of carrot juice daily over a period of weeks may result in a yellow tinge to the skin. At best it will give a healthy glow to your tan. The skin discoloration is completely harmless and occurs primarily on the hands and feet. Either your body is unable to process carotene properly or your liver is toxic. Either way for healthy nutrition it is important not to concentrate on only one juice source.

A healthy skin is achieved internally through a nutritious diet incorporating fresh vegetable juice. Carrot juice is effective in maintaining and enhancing a soft, smooth disease free skin. An invigorating and refreshing juice, start drinking carrot juice today and tell me if you see a difference in your skin

Carrot Juice for Skin Health

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relationship Improvement Tips

Here are some tips for improving your relationships with others.

Rate your "people skills" on a scale of 1-10. Do others enjoy being with you? Do you give off good vibes and energy? Do you smile, make eye contact and really listen? Do you ask questions to keep 'em talking? Optimistic? Do you use manners and offer to help others? Take a step back and analyze how you interact with others. Every day, I talk with and see those who exude confidence, enthusiasm and warmth. These are the people I want to chat with over coffee. These are the people who know how to use their people skills to get things done.

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Be Fun & Interesting
Have a story and be prepared to share it. Tell of your travels, your early years, interesting facts you've read, unique life experiences that shaped you into the "you" of today. Purchase a family keepsake journal and fill in your info to pass along to future generations. Your great-grandchildren will want to know what you did for fun and work. Pass on words of wisdom and life lessons learned.

Relationship Improvement Tips

Take An Interest
How do you show that you care? Do you say the words or take action? A combo is the winner. Tell him you enjoy his stories as a lad and then invite him over for lunch. Tell her you appreciate her willingness to volunteer on short notice. BE SPECIFIC! Did she call you and offer words of sympathy when your loved one passed away? Did he offer to mow your grass while you were out of town? Telling someone specifically what they did or said will increase the likelihood they will do it again (for you or someone else). Talk about spreading some cheer!

Support Group
Who makes up your support group? Who can you count on to brighten your mood or to listen when you need to vent? Weed out those darn pessimists and those who tell you what to do. Thank those who you designate to be your support group by making a quick phone call or sending a hand-written note that will make you both feel good. Remind them you are emotionally available for them, too.

Give Them A Purpose
People enjoy feeling needed. Let your parents help you out financially. Let your neighbor drive you to the airport. You both will get some satisfaction out of the deal. Just remember to say "thanks". Don't feel obligated to repay the favor. Do good deeds because it feels good, not because you owe them.

No Regrets
One of the worst feelings is not saying/doing something until it's too late. Illness and death make people say things like, "I wish I had told him...." or "I never got to show her..." Don't let this happen to you. Make lists- people who you wronged or wronged you or with whom you did not have "closure." Contact them and forgive, apologize or get your closure. If they don't accept your apology, no worries, you did your part. Don't ever regret it.

Take Risks
Don't be afraid to tell others what is on your mind. Stop keeping your thoughts and worries to yourself. People feel bonded together when intimate thoughts are shared. Tell your adult children that you are experiencing health problems. They will want to help. Let them. Tell your religious friend that you are unsure what to believe about the after-life and how it is causing you stress. She'll listen.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Athletes, musicians and public speakers constantly analyze how they could perform better. Put yourself in situations where you can practice your new skills. Smile at the clerk, compliment the mechanic about how he specifically fixed your engine, make a positive statement about the weather. "Wow, I really enjoy feeling that crisp air on my face in the morning. It makes me feel alive."

Be Responsible
If something in your relationship isn't working, it is up to you to fix it. Schedule a heart-to-heart talk. Discuss what is working, what's not and make a plan to resolve it.

Relationship Improvement Tips

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To Help Heartburn You Need to Do This - Acid Reflux Remedy Advice

To help heartburn you will often find experts saying 2 different things... strengthen your damaged lower esophageal sphincter and eat a proper diet to get more acid in your stomach. But how do you go about doing both of these things?

In this article about acid reflux remedy advice, you will learn how to cure your heartburn and acid reflux with a new diet and simple lifestyle tips.

Health Today

Why Natural Remedies Work?

To Help Heartburn You Need to Do This - Acid Reflux Remedy Advice

Acid reflux is usually caused by a damaged or weak lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LES is the muscle flap that sits on top of the stomach. After years of poor dieting, the sphincter will begin to become weaker and weaker. If not strengthened with a healthier diet, suffering from acid reflux is inevitable.

The second reason why heartburn is common is poor dieting. Poor dieting leaves the stomach without enough stomach acids to digest the food properly. However, proper dieting can give the stomach enough enzymes to leave the food and stomach acid inside the stomach.

Here are some simple tips you can start today to begin your home treatment.

Acid Reflux Remedy Advice

1. Eat softer foods for 2 days to help your LES repair. Hard and crunchy foods tend to scrape the sphincter.

2. Avoid spicy and acidic foods for 2 days like alcohol and coffee.

3. Stop smoking because the chemicals in cigarettes damage the LES further.

4. Drink water after every meal and snack.

5. Swallow 1-2 teaspoons of raw liquid honey when heartburn symptoms begin.

6. Chew your food longer to aid digestion process.

7. Supplementing aloe vera juice will speed up the repair of LES. You can find this at any health food store.

8. Eating a red apple will help whenever you feel an attack coming on.

To Help Heartburn You Need to Do This - Acid Reflux Remedy Advice

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Health Insurance Lifetime Maximum

The Health Insurance Lifetime Maximum of your plan is the total amount of money the insurance company will pay for the entire time you have coverage under that plan. Once you reach that amount, your plan will not pay for any more of your medical expenses.

What Are The Limits?

Health Today

The maximum amount that the insurance company will pay varies from policy to policy, with the typical amount being between 1 million and 5 million dollars. There are some polices though, that only contribute a total of less than 1 million dollars over the lifetime of the policy.

Health Insurance Lifetime Maximum

On a brighter note, although not as common, there are policies that have an unlimited lifetime maximum.

Why Are There Limits?

Insurance companies set these limits to keep their total possible liability for a health insurance plan as low as possible.

Keeping these limits lower also keeps the premium rates lower. All of the guidelines of the plan, including the lifetime cap come into play when insurance companies set the cost of the insurance plan. A plan richer in benefits is going to cost more.

For instance, a health insurance plan with a high deductible and a low lifetime cap will cost less than a plan with a low deductible and unlimited lifetime benefits.

Similarly, when the annual deductibles of two plans are the same, the plan with a higher lifetime maximum will cost you more.

Should You Be Concerned?

You and your family members may be in perfect health and can never foresee that any one of you could possibly incur medical bills as high as one to five million dollars. And quite frankly, I hope you never do!

But, with the rising costs of medical treatment for conditions such as open heart surgery, cancer, organ transplants and chronic illnesses, it isn't that difficult to reach those amounts in a short amount of time.

If you want to be sure to be covered for all medical expenses for the duration of your coverage under that policy, look for one with a higher lifetime limit or one with no limit. To lessen the cost of these plans, consider accepting a higher annual deductible.

P.S. Consider this ~ A coverage cap of million in the 1970s would have had to grow to more than million today to keep pace with inflations and costs.

Health Insurance Lifetime Maximum

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Common Health and Safety Hazards in Factories

Just like elsewhere in the western world, In the UK as well the government has prescribed some safety regulations that have to be adhered to by any workplace. Protection against health and safety hazards may even extend to the families of people employed in hazardous occupations. In the European Union, member countries have enforced authorities to ensure that the legal basics related to occupational health and safety hazards is followed in any case.

Hazard is something that can cause harm if not controlled. A risk is the probability of the outcome which will occur if harm occurs. The outcome can be defined as the result of an uncontrolled hazard. Risk analysis is conducted to identify hazards, evaluate the risk, and identify and prioritize the required actions.

Health Today

Workplace safety hazards are normally grouped into environmental hazards, environmental agents, physical agents, physical hazards, chemical agents, and biological hazards. Environmental hazards normally include asphyxiation and dehydration. Environmental agents include heat and cold stress. Physical hazards include collision, tripping, falling, and electricity. Physical agents include noise, vibration, and lighting.

Common Health and Safety Hazards in Factories

Other hazards are mechanical hazards, biological hazards, and chemical agents. Depending on the type of work that is done in a factory, safety precautions have to be employed. Office workers can be affected by a flu spread by a co-worker, and a factory worker can receive serious injury because of an accident. Common health and safety hazards can be avoided by taking necessary precautions. But, even with all necessary precautions accidents do occur.

To minimize safety hazards, workers are issued safety goggles, helmets, gloves, safety shoes, and coveralls. For avoiding health hazards, a virus free and well ventilated environment is provided. Clean drinking water, clean and safe kitchen and eating areas are maintained. Some factories require medical checkups of the employees on regular basis.

There are some basic health and safety rules that all factory owners are bound to follow. There are special rules for factories that use hazardous material. These include installation of safety showers and eye wash stands. Special safety clothes may also be required by law to be provided to the employees.

The common safety and health laws that factories in the UK have to follow can be found in the local factory laws. They may differ slightly depending on the local county laws. Health laws cover providing a well ventilated, clean, and dust free environment. Safety laws require wearing of proper safety equipment as required by the type of job being performed. If it is a factory where there is a probability of falling objects striking someone, then safety helmets must be worn. If the floors are wet or slippery, proper safety shoes must be worn.

The basic rules are very general in nature as they encompass the entire business spectrum. But there are further classifications that are factory dependent. If the factory handles harmful chemicals, then the safety laws are going to be different from a factory that does packaging. One single rule cannot cover all factories' safety and health regulations. In most cases, the rules regarding safety and health can also be quite vague.

Common Health and Safety Hazards in Factories

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Effects of Junk Food on Health

The phrase "junk food" itself speaks of endangerment to health. Junk foods are deemed to be trash foods as they are high in fat and sugar components regardless of how they are labeled by manufacturers. The apparent effect of junk food on health administers when there is excess in intake. Teenagers comprise the higher bulk of junk food fanatics and they seem to be unhealthy with such a lifestyle of munching in chips, fries, crackers and other snack foods in front of the television. Majority of junk food choices do not deliver beneficial nutritional values, but you could actually integrate a few junk foods in your diet with an assurance that it is of moderate amount.

Regardless of age, the effect of junk food on health settles as bad as it could be especially when you eat too much of some. You will end up easily getting exhausted by being a junk food fanatic. Because it doesn't balance the appropriate levels of energy you ought to consume, you have tendencies of craving for more food when you eat junk foods. Also, you can be less focused with anything you undertake at work and home because what you are acquiring from junk foods are mere fats, not healthy ingredients. Also, you will experience lack of important oxygen that eventually result to poor brain functioning.

Health Today

In the long run, your heart cannot function as it should because of too much cholesterol absorbed in the body as an effect of junk food on health. If there's too much plaque in the arteries, your heart has to assert more effort in pumping blood which may cause you to be in fatigue. The excess amount of cholesterol in your body can destroy the liver as well, leaving you overweight at the same time. Most of obese kids have acquired their overweight dilemma because of too much junk food intake. Most of those who are junk food eaters are likely to get diabetic at any point in their life because of high presence of sugar in the body. High blood pressure due to great amount of sodium from junk foods can also occur.

Effects of Junk Food on Health

As they always say it, whatever is avoided comes so tasty. Ice cream, chocolate, junk foods, fries, burgers, potato chips and shakes are all tempting. You can perhaps be disciplined in indulging in these types of food because they are initially unhealthy to have. Too much of anything sweet or salty is health threatening. Not only will you have a bad effect of junk food on health, you will also largely embrace mood swings, decreased enthusiasm to handle workouts, weight gain and constipation problems if you eat junk foods unstoppably. In lieu of them, you can pick fruits and high-fiber food for good snacks and meals.

Effects of Junk Food on Health

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Men's Health - Penis Hardness Factor Self Test

Want a better body, better sex and better overall health? Do your self " Penis hardness" test! Your penis is your barometer to your health. When your erection is hard steel, a rock hard - your life is good. The harder your erection, the healthier you are.

The researchers have made some important facts and links between your sexual activities with your health. If your blood vessels are elastic and healthy, your heart and brain will function well and have not difficulty in releasing nitric oxide thus your penis will hard like rock. Once you understand that your erection and health are connected, you shall start to take care of yourself.

Health Today

Your penis erection is an early warning sign like the canary birds in coal mine that warn the unseen danger. When atherosclerosis develops, it starts to clog up in your tiny vessels found in your penis long before it shows up in coronary arteries of the heart and other blood vessels in your body. This is a serious warning and indicator of cardiovascular problem that may be developing.

Men's Health - Penis Hardness Factor Self Test

To determine your potential of heart and prevent erection problem, Steven Lamm, M.D. with Gerald Secor Couzens, advise these Penis Hardness factor Seft-Test in 3 steps.

Step 1# Nutrition Test - What you eat impacts how well you perform in bed.

What you shall do in this sexual nutrition test are :

1. Cut back on portion size. Eat 10% less each meals or about 500 calories a day ( 3 days in a row ).

2. Reduce fatty foods and top saturated fat like egg yolks, butter, cream, fatty red meats, and coconut oils.

3. Eat nine serving of fruits and vegetables each day to lower your cholesterol level.
4. Drink black or green tea

5. Eat Spicy food

Step 2# Sexual Supplements

Take these supplement :

1. Phycnogenol to enhance blood flow to heart and penis

2. L-arginine to increase nitric oxide production which means better blood flow to your body and specially to your penis

3. Take 3 grams of fish-oil for vascular support and protection.

4. OPCs ( Oligomeric proanthocyanidins ) to enhance the activity of vitamin C and E for improved blood flow

5. Horny goat weed

Step 3# Sexual Fitness

The best way to enhance your erection hardness, whet sexual appetite, boost self-esteem, and increase sexual activity is through regular physical activity. Below are exercises you could do to increase your physical fitness especially muscle involved in your love making activities.

1. Add more 5,000 steps to your daily hoofing

2. Add pushups, ab curls, and squats which strengthen your shoulder, chest, buttock and legs which are needed in your love making

3. Do cobra yoga move to relax your lower back, abdomen, hip and neck

4. Do stretching everyday

5. Do lunge

When you complete this program, you will certainly feel different. You will achieve measurable changes in flexibility, strength, and hardness. Hardness is a lifestyle, not 96 hours' worth of quick changes. The idea is to feel good about yourself emotionally and physically always. It's a lifestyle decision.

Adapted from The Hardness Factor: How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age, by Steven Lamm, M.D., with Gerald Secor Couzens, (c) 2005 HarperCollins.

Men's Health - Penis Hardness Factor Self Test

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prostate Milking - Health Danger or the Ultimate Male Orgasm?

Looking to increase your male orgasm intensity by 400% and have it last up to 5 minutes? If so, then prostate milking may be for you.

Prostate milking has literally "exploded" into mainstream culture in the last few years as men are discovering the pleasure of finding out about their "male g-spot" and the potential health benefits from a prostate milking.

Health Today

The prostate is a tiny gland found in men and is a critical part of their reproductive system. It is about the size of a walnut and is located underneath the bladder and just in front of the rectum. Its function is to assist in the manu­facture of semen. Semen is the milky colored fluid that transports sperm from the testicles through your penis when you ejaculate.

Prostate Milking - Health Danger or the Ultimate Male Orgasm?

While the prostate's primary function is to help in the manufacturing of semen, it is also becoming known as a sexual gland for men. Typically we associate the penis as the only male sex organ but for many men the prostate is their key to sexual satisfaction. Not surprising, the prostate is quickly becoming know as the "male g-spot". Men of all ages, races and sexual orientations are now learning about the sexual and health benefits associated with prostate milking.

Milking of the prostate gland is generally safe for all healthy males, however serious health dangers can result in men with certain prostate and health conditions or even in men with healthy prostates if the prostate milking is performed incorrectly.

This procedure be carried out by your doctor or medical practitioner as an effective treatment for chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This procedure can help to drain the highly painful build up of seminal fluid in men with a chronically inflamed prostate. While beneficial for some individuals,prostate milking it is NOT advisable for men with acute prostatitis as a prostate milking may for allow the prostate infection to spread to other parts of the body.

Other possible serious health dangers from male milking could be Fournier's gangrene, blood poisoning,the transfer of prostate cancer to other parts of the body or hemorrhoidal flare up.

One of the most important area's of concern in doing a prostate massage yourself is to apply a minimum amount of pressure. The maximum amount of pressure you should apply would be equal to the amount of pressure you would rub your eye with. Applying to much pressure during the milking could lead to some of the above mentioned health dangers.

If the prostate is full of fluid and stimulated through this experience it may cause you to ejaculate but with out the penis being aroused. These prostate orgasms are generally much more intense and of considerably longer duration than a conventional ejaculation.

If you have any concerns about this type of activity make sure to consult your physician or medical practitioner before proceeding.

Prostate Milking - Health Danger or the Ultimate Male Orgasm?

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Find Affordable Dentures In Arizona Today

If you live in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and you need to find affordable dentures, there's a good chance that you can save quite a bit of money. One advantage that you have is the amount of competition between dentists in a metropolitan area that size, including major suburbs like Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and more.

One of the best ways to save money on dentures in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix area, is to join what's called a "discount dental plan". These discount plans are not dental insurance, therefore you can actually get assistance when you buy your new dentures by receiving a nice discount, as long as you visit a dentist that participates within the network of the discount plan. Also, because these dentists are giving you discounts on dental care that can be as high as 60% for certain procedures, they do expect payment in full at the time of your visit. Think of it like this. Dental insurance will not pay for any pore-existing condition and your only other alternative is to pay full price out of your own pocket. That discount plan is sounding pretty good all of the sudden huh?

Health Today

Here is an example of how much you will save by using one of these discount plans. For this example I'm going to use zip code 85250, the Scottsdale, Arizona area. The average cost nationally for an upper denture is 50.00 (based on a survey conducted in 2005), but by joining this particular discount plan you'll only have to pay 8.00. That's a savings of 2.00!

How To Find Affordable Dentures In Arizona Today

The cost of joining this plan for an individual is just 9.95 for a full year or 9.95 for an annual family plan. These plans don't just offer discounts on dentures either. They provide excellent discounts on braces, root canals, crowns, routine dental care, such as cleanings and x-rays and more.

Some discount plans even offer big discounts on cosmetic dentistry!

So if you live in Arizona and are in need of a great deal on new dentures, you should take a couple minutes and see what discount dental plans have to offer you. You may just like what you see.

How To Find Affordable Dentures In Arizona Today

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Health Benefits of Cacao-Chocolate

Cacao and chocolate was widely used by ancient civilisations as currency and was seen as a 'food for the gods.'

Early colonial records indicate how cacao was used as a medicine and acted as a carrier in the administration of other remedies in the 1500's. The medicinal value of cacao was in its ability to treat weak patients with a variety of dis-ease. It was particularly known to improve digestion and stimulate kidney and bowel function. Additional diseases that responded to treatment using cacao was anaemia, fatigue, fever, low sex drive, respiratory troubles, poor appetite and low breat milk production. In addition to the cacao bean, the oil/butter was used in the treatment of skin problems including eczema, psoriasis and burns. Today, cacao oil is considered a beauty aid in its use as a skin moisturizer, lubricating agent and when combined with the cacao bean, is used to make the chocolate confectionery we're familiar with. All chocolate is derived from the cacao bean/seeds. Nicknamed 'black gold' by the Spanish, it's no mystery that chocolate continues to captivate our taste buds with its rich bittersweet dance on our palette.

Health Today

With over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, cacao is one of the most complex and pleasurably satisfying foods on the planet. In its raw form, cacao contains anandamide (a euphoric substance), arginine (a natural aphrodisiac), neurotransmitters that stimulate and balance brain activity, tryptophan (an anti-depressant), antioxidants and other beneficial compounds known to have rejuvenating and anti-ageing elements. Cacao is high in the mineral magnesium, essential for helping the heart to pump blood efficiently, building strong bones, and lowering blood pressure. In fact, the strong desire for chocolate during the female menstrual cycle may be related to cravings for magnesium, a mineral with calming qualities. Cacao is a good source of the beauty mineral sulphur, responsible for healthy skin, nails and hair. In today's culture, chocolate is used as a gift for occasions such as St Valentines Day, Easter, Birthdays and Christmas etc. Many of us are likely to consume a little chocolate everyday for its mood boosting effects in an attempt to escape from the stress of working life. Chocolate satiates our appetite for pleasure like no other substance. Is it any wonder that 50% of women prefer chocolate to sex? The portability and availability of chocolate makes it the perfect private pleasure to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Health Benefits of Cacao-Chocolate

With the revival of films like 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' and 'Le Chocolat', chocolate lovers everywhere got to indulge their fantasies, inspired by the film industry. It's safe to say that Johnny Depp and Chocolate create a unique and compatible partnership most women would be happy to personally explore! Yes, chocolate and sex go hand in hand and when packaged in shiny red and gold, make a highly attractive and stimulating friend no one wants to be without.

A symbol of sensuality, any male suitor is wise to offer a gift of chocolate to any prospective female; a delightful box of dark edibles all wrapped in decorative gold foil will put a smile on any chocolate-loving females face. Cacao has always been associated with fertility and love by indigenous cultures.

The versatility of chocolate has allowed us to expand our repertoire of how we can engage ourselves with its intense flavours and textures. From mouth-watering rich cream gateaux to the velvety texture in truffles, there is nothing we can't do with chocolate; it inspires us to create more and more mouth-watering variations to satisfy our appetite. In fact, one can devote one's whole life to becoming a chocolate 'creative' of distinction.

Chocolate will always be an affordable luxury that almost anyone can indulge regardless of class or stature. We can all taste what the Aztecs and Mayans tasted and we will always be grateful for their cultivation of the revered and sacred cacao bean. Long may we continue our passionate, blissful affair with this divine gift from the cacao tree.

Health Benefits of Cacao-Chocolate

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Much Does Health Insurance Usually Cost?

The average cost of health insurance is difficult to measure precisely. The mean cost in 2008 of insurance from an employer was ,700 per annum for an individual, and ,700 per annum for a family of four, according to Kaiser

It is normally agreed that cover purchased by the customer without either administration aid or through an employer's collection health plan will cost considerably more. People in California who use COBRA will spend 0 per month on premiums, though this can be offset somewhat through subsidization.

Health Today

According to the US survey government department 84% of US populace have well being care, and only 9% obtain it in confidence. The remainders are receiving cover through a company provided plan, or from side to side some form of subsidize administration program. The outstanding 16% of the land is uninsured. That gives you an idea of how much health insurance costs.

How Much Does Health Insurance Usually Cost?

If it is unspoken that, for the average user, an autonomous single indemnity plan will cost greater than the ,700 conventional for employer-provided health care in the Kaiser study, then it can be understood that privately obtained plans are likely to cost as much and more with the charge rising as age or other health complications are factored in. When you are examining health plans you can use the baseline of the mean expenses of plans provided by employers as a starting point.

Understanding the tenuous situation of today's health care system, it is hard to predict what insurance will cost over any given time period.

The best option is to avail health-care from employer if provided, government-sponsored health care when you become eligible, low-priced COBRA like plans as makeshift if you cannot afford other insurance, and tap facilities at hospitals and clinics if you do not find ways to meet your health care needs otherwise.

This recommendation is however not the most trusting thing. It is, conversely, realistic: the present state of the wealth, the fluid state of the lawful issue of how the American Health Care system is going to be planned, and ever growing rise in health care costs makes any other advice careless.

How Much Does Health Insurance Usually Cost?

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Child Health, Safety and Nutrition

Health, safety and nutrition are three of the most important factors to consider when raising a child. In other words, every child should be raised with proper nutrition, good health and safety as possible, allowing him or her to grow with a great well-being.

Now, if you are one of the adults who have been wondering where on earth to get good advices for child health, safety and nutrition, I bet you would be happy to know that you've found the right place. Yes, this page will help you find the right places to go for child health, safety and nutrition advices. It is important to note, however, that these portals are just a few of the many online. But they are worth considering to get started.

Health Today

So to find the best advices for child health, safety and nutrition, read on.

Child Health, Safety and Nutrition

Health and Safety

Several researches have noted that in today's fast-paced world where the child's safety and health issues are rapidly growing, more than fifty sites online present health and safety guidelines for the public to consider. These guidelines are disseminated throughout the net, allowing the people to access this wealth of information as easy as possible.

A few of the worth visiting portals online that talk about child health and safety issues and advices are the following:

Bright Futures is sponsored by a well-known health care organization, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration. This is also supported in part by the Pfizer Pediatric Health, and has been operating to provide the public the necessary information about the current and emerging preventive and health promotion needs of infants, children, adolescent, families and communities. is actually the official website of Health Child Care America, which is but a federal government initiative that works to increase collaboration between the early childhood community as well as the public health community. This collaboration is considered to allow these communities to create the best care for children in the childcare. Today, this federal government initiative is introducing its newsletter which is made available in full text online.


This portal is owned by the Child Care Nutrition Resource System, which has long been providing the public with the wide selection of recipes, resources and information on how to prepare meals that are highly nutritious and safe.

At this site, you can access the Children's Nutrition Research Center, which is but the first federally funded nutrition research center in the United States. This center is dedicated to investigating the nutritional needs of those women who are expecting and are nursing their children. This is great for child nutrition as it covers information about children from conception through adolescence.

So those are just a few of the many sites online that tackle issues on child health, safety and nutrition. Visit other online sites for more information about child health, safety and nutrition.

Child Health, Safety and Nutrition

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feminine Hygiene - Vagina Health & Smell

The vagina, similar to our mouth, is normally inhabited by a multitude of microscopic organisms.

The vagina's acidic environment prevents one species overpowering another, and inhibits infection. A healthy vagina actually smells quite sweet and pleasant.

Health Today

Yet the change that occurs with any vaginal infection changes the smell immediately, and thus one can partially judge a vagina's state of health by its smell.

Feminine Hygiene - Vagina Health & Smell

It should be noted that both the smell of a vagina and its being infected are directly related to a woman's lifestyle, her weight, and diet.

Some basic rules on Feminine Hygiene can both prevent infections and insure a sweet smelling vagina as well.


o Because infectious agents such as bacteria and yeasts are found in the intestine, after defecation a woman must wipe herself from front to back vaginal area first, rectum after.

A bidet or immediate wash of the anus is also advised, with a rinse of the vulva with warm water.

o Washing also the genital area often with a special ph balanced soap is also essential, and especially after each urination

o Vaginal irrigation is not necessary as it usually disturbs the acid environment, and can allow yeast, for example, to flourish.

o Women should discourage vaginal and anal intercourse alternation during the same session.

Once a man's penis or any object has entered the anus, it must not be allowed back in the vagina without disinfection.


o Tight jeans and clothing look great, but they prevent the normal breathing function of the skin and especially an area like the vulva. This closed in effect will produce an unpleasant smell

o For the same reason, woman is recommended not to wear panties during sleep.

o Use of synthetic materials in clothing will also react with the bacteria on the skin, and the bacteria's waste product leaves a particularly unpleasant smell, so wear only 100% pure cotton or silk panties a majority of the time.

o If you use tampons, change them very often. Left too long in a vagina, the tampon itself will be a major cause of order and even infection.


It has been shown that diet can affect directly the smell of the vagina. Eating less meat and meat products, and more fruit and vegetables have a very good effect on vaginal odor. Also, you must drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Sexual Conduct

o The use of prophylactics (condoms) is highly recommended for all couples except those that are very familiar. Also if you allow a man to insert either his fingers or toys into your vagina, try to insure both are clean.

Vaginal Infections

This subject is covered in other articles dedicated to this subject, but any of the below can (and does) cause unpleasant vagina odor. In each and every incidence, you must see your gynecologist.

o Bacterial Vaginosis.

This gives the characteristic fishy smell.

o Yeast Infections.

Most women do not see their doctor with yeast infection, and resort to over-the-counter medicines. Symptoms include vulvar itching, redness and irritation. Painful intercourse. We recommend seeing a gynecologist.

o Trichomoniasis.

This is a sexually transmitted illness with symptoms including vaginal itching, burning, and discharge. See your gynologist.

A bit of care goes a long way. Your vagina was meant to smell sweetly and as it normally cleans itself (both monthly and daily) your caution will be rewarded.

Feminine Hygiene - Vagina Health & Smell

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

12 Pomegranate Health Benefits

Countless studies have shown the seemingly countless benefits of fruits for a person's health. The U.S. Government recommends that people get several servings of fruits every day. Of all the fruits available in the market today, one fruit is at its height of popularity because of its legendary Greek mythology association and its exoticism-the pomegranate fruit.

Considered as one of the earliest fruits that have been cultivated along with grapes, figs, olives, and dates somewhere between 4000 B. C. E and 3000 B. C. E., pomegranate continued to be an emblem of fertility, rebirth, and health.

Health Today

Dubbed as a "miracle fruit" by some fans, pomegranate has earned its popularity because it is thought to possibly help support the body's natural defenses against Alzheimer's disease, various cancers, coronary and heart diseases, arthritis and many ailments an aging person experiences. Because of its so -called anti-aging possibilities, pomegranate has had several food and beverage variations from juices, ice creams, dishes, and even in water that come in bottles.

Why is pomegranate good for you?

This handsome fruit is quite popular for its deep and purple-colored juice that is packed with lots of antioxidants that may help in maintaining a smooth and wrinkle free skin. But, aside from the possibility of helping people to maintain youthful and glowing skin by keeping the blood platelets together, there are so many health benefits of pomegranate to people of all ages. While no health claims are made regarding pomegranate whatsoever, here are some of the remedies and uses that some people hope pomegranate can help with.

1. It may help reduce the risk of having a heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Studies show that pomegranate juice daily may help support the normal blood flow to the heart. Because of its antioxidant properties, pomegranate keeps bad cholesterol from forming, and thus, may help keep the arteries clear of clots.

2. It may help support the body's normal defense in the prevention of certain cancers. Since pomegranates has very high levels of antioxidant called "flavenoids" that is thought to be effective in counteracting various cancer-causing radicals, more and more experts recommend this fruit as a possible part of a healthy diet. Because of flavenoids, many people are consuming pomegranate because it is believed to help support their good health.

3. It may help reduce the risks for illnesses such as atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, and diabetes. Because of the properties of pomegranate, conditions that are known to cause the thickening and hardening of arterial walls and damage in cartilage and joints are hoped to be helped by this fruit. Studies are needed of course to get test results. No claims are made as to what the pomegranate may or may not help.

4. It is a rich source of various vitamins. Pomegranate is a good, natural source of vitamins A, C and E as well as folic acid.

5. It is rumored to help reduce the possibility of having premature babies. Pomegranate juice and extract is thought by some people to help expectant mothers avoid having low birth weight babies.

6. Some users claim it is beneficial for relieving minor illnesses such as core throat.

7. Other users believe it might reduce the possibility of developing Alzheimer's disease among older people.

8. It is prized in some countries for the belief that it might help in achieving and maintaining a clear skin with youthful glow, and it is believed to help soothe skin inflammation.

9. The antioxidants are thought to help support the immune system.

10. It may help support healthy blood flow because of its iron properties. Pomegranate supports the blood by supplying it with iron, thus may help prevent anemia symptoms that include exhaustion, dizziness, weakness, and hear loss.

11. Aside from having lots of anti-oxidants, pomegranate also might have some anti-viral properties.

12. Pomegranate juice and extract is thought by some women to help in overcoming the feeling of general malaise during menopause.

While no medical claims can be made for pomegranate, the juice is growing in popularity every day as more and more people try it and benefit from it.

12 Pomegranate Health Benefits

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Importance of Health Care Coverage in America Today

One of the most crucial issues facing American today is importance of health insurance for the American citizens. Yet there are currently 47 million Americans who are under-insured or who do not have any health insurance coverage at all. The American public is aging, the baby boomers are reaching their senior years and according to actuarial insurance statistics most individuals begin to contract major illnesses or disabilities from the age of 50 onward. These individuals cannot afford to be without health insurance. As a matter of fact, Americans of any age, social status, or walk of life cannot afford to jeopardize their health care because they are without insurance.

Medical heath care coverage is to protect Americans from the event that a medical illnesses or situation should occur and there is no money to pay for the cost of treatment. Older baby boomers understand fully well how much the cost of medical coverage is in America. A major operation, and treatment can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes reaching over 100,000 dollars. Unless the individual is fairly wealthy there is no way to be able to pay these rising health care costs.

Health Today

Fortunately some working Americans do have medical health care coverage through their employers. Group insurance coverage is the most economical way of making sure your health care needs are met.

Unfortunately not all employers offer any group insurance coverage and this leaves many American families uninsured. With the rising costs of health care in America, no family can really afford to go without insurance coverage. There are just too many things that can happen. A young couple planning a family will need medical health care coverage for prenatal care, hospital stays for once the babies are born, and then doctor visits for immunizations and regular routine checkups for their children afterward. Even if a couple is young and childless there is no guarantee in life that they will always remain healthy. Doctor visits for the most innocuous things such as getting a flu shot, or going to the doctor for allergy shots will become very pricey without proper medical healthcare coverage.

Self-employed individuals must maintain a self-employed health insurance plan to protect their business. Health insurance is just as important as any other business expense. If the self-employed person can no longer work due to a temporary disability, time away from work due to an operation, or even a car accident, then that self-employed person will lose the income from their business. Besides loss of income they may actually loose their entire business if they are incapable of working for a long period of time.

American expatriots may find themselves in a country where they cannot readily get the health care that they need. The facilities may be inferior to American standards, or the services may not be available at all. Expatriot medical health insurance can provide needed money to pay for the costs of health care in the foreign country or provide coverage if the ex patriot must return to America for treatment.

All Americans need proper coverage. When it is not provided through an employer private medical healthcare coverage as well as state run health insurance plans are available. Do not go without proper health care find an affordable health insurance plan that meets your individual needs and the needs of your family.

The Importance of Health Care Coverage in America Today

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Secrets of Good Health

Where there is a will there is a way

This is a well know proverb and we at certain times use this proverb when ever we want to encourage or boost up an individual or a group to be successful or finish off a task assigned. We all have noticed that we put in our best to be successful and we make it a point to achieve what we have set as tasks. If we take an employee this person does everything to make his employer happy and satisfied no matter what ever he or she has to do. We feel happy and encouraged when we see the results.

Health Today

Let me discuss here about an important issue of our life and which almost 90% are neglecting and that is our Health. It is often said by many of us that Health is Wealth but sad to say that this is the most neglected part in our life. We only care about our health when we face any problem or when we are struck with any disease or sickness. We have become so busy with our life that we only take care of our health till the time we are recovered and after that it's the same old way.

Since we are neglecting this part of our life we are seeing a lot of common problems in a person who at later point of time becomes dangerous to their life and some times it becomes a risk and there is no point of turning back and only needs to control it to survive.

Every one likes to have or maintain good health and we often do a variety of things to maintain Good Health and some how or the other we try to maintain. Most of the time when the context of good health comes up we thing of physical fitness but there are many dimensions for good health and let us explore the secrets or rules for a good health.

Death is one such thing that every one fears and to avoid this we try many things to so that we may have good health and live long but when we look at the history of civilization over the centuries the cause of death has changed. It was through wars and natural calamities in the early civilization. When civilization started expanding or exploring other parts of the world then it was due to poor sanitation and living conditions and the major factor being the infectious disease such as cholera, plague etc.

With the advancement in Medical sciences the communicable diseases were nearly eradicated. But today the major killer is modern lifestyle due to high levels of stress, sedentary lifestyle, high level of obesity and others transforming into diseases like heart attacks, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetics and others chronic ailments.

The different ways to maintain a good health are:

1. Undergoing a complete Medical Check at least once in a year to really understand in which stage our body and health is.

2. Daily maintain a schedule to do moderate and regular exercise at least for half an hour to one hour by way of going for a walk or jogging or even in the office climbing up and down the stair case. Some physical activity for muscles, bones etc are required.

3. Maintaining a healthy food habit. Eating the right food at right time of right quantity and right amount of calories.

4. Undergoing certain exercises to reduce stress. Should have a regular time for Stress Management and Meditation in the form of dance, yoga or any type which is suitable for the body.

5. The main reason for loss of health is the habit of smoking and intake of alcohol. The best way is to avoid Smoking, alcohol and finally giving them up other wise these will have adverse effect on the body.

Secrets of Good Health

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quality Health Insurance - United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield

Two of the giants in the health care industry are United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. For many years, the latter was the number one health insurance provider in the country. Today, however, other companies have surpassed it, although they are still considered to be a first rate carrier of group health insurance.

No Cut-Rates Here!

Health Today

In addition to group health policies, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) also offers individual based health coverage. You are not looking at HMO insurance or cut rate health insurance when you choose either United Healthcare Insurance or BCBS. Both of these carriers are considered to be tops when it comes to quality health plans.

Most of the time, the person who is enrolled in BCBS or United Healthcare does not make a choice when it comes to getting health care coverage as the insurance is provided to them by their employer. In other cases, a person who seeks out health policies can do so by looking for an agent who will sell them the insurance that they want.

Universal Acceptance with United Healthcare and BCBS

Both group health insurance plans that are being offered by United Healthcare and BCBS are top notch plans and are accepted at most health facilities across the nation as well as in some other countries. Most doctors will accept United Healthcare and BCBS, although they do have their limitations. There are some doctors who will not accept United Healthcare and Blue Cross, although they are few and far between. This is the case with all health care carriers.

Before you get health care insurance, it is always a good idea to make sure that your health care provider accepts the type of policy that you are obtaining so that you can be covered. For the most part, however, both of these prime insurance companies are accepted by most medical care providers.

Weighing the Pros and Cons between United Healthcare and BCBS

When it comes to cost, you may spend a bit less when you get BCBS. The amount that you pay for a premium depends upon the coverage that you get and how many people are in your group. BCBS is still considered to be the top insurance company for those who need to buy individual health packages and who are not covered by group insurance policies as it is reasonable and covers a great deal.

United Healthcare is also a very well known company that is accepted at most of the places where you will see Blue Cross. United Healthcare is a little bit tougher when it comes to pre-existing conditions, although the cost of premiums for those without any pre-existing conditions and who have had a physical in the past 5 years is less than the cost of premiums for those who opt for BCBS.

The choice you make when it comes to health insurance coverage between United Healthcare and BCBS depends on whether you have pre-existing conditions, how much you want to spend for a premium and what type of coverage that you want. Both these companies offer quality coverage that you can purchase on your own or as part of a business group insurance.

Quality Health Insurance - United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 Reliable Health Insurance Companies That Can Help You in Times of Today

Health insurance is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity in times of today. If you've yet to get yourself and your family insured, then start looking up reliable companies immediately and get yourself a health plan to keep your expenses on the low and your health and life protected. If you don't know where to start looking, here are three reliable companies, in no particular order.

First there is Blue Cross Blue Shield who currently serve 3 million clients with the best healthcare plan, meeting the individual need for each and every client with the many different plans available at different rates and premiums. While upholding a good reputation with serving their clients they are equally concerned about the estimated 500,000 residents that are uninsured around the states of Massachusetts, as they are the state's largest serving insurance company.

Health Today

Next there is Connecticare, born in 1981 with a mission of establishing an affordable health plan that can benefit the residents of America. With a local brick and mortar in Farmington, Connecticut, this company has about 500 employers each experienced with full knowledge of the ropes of the business. Connecticare was placed at number 5 on the list of America's Best Health Plans on the United States News and World Report. They've got a good reputation of keeping their clients happy while they aim to improve their services each day.

Besides that there is Harvard Pilgrim Health Care that has built its reputation on 35 years of experience, serving the residents of America. With good plans and policies, they have the recognition of topping the list of America's Best Health Plans for the fifth time already. This company has been providing good health plans at affordable prices helping many cover themselves and their families as well.

If you have had your doubts on insuring yourself, stop hesitating and pick a company to settle with.

3 Reliable Health Insurance Companies That Can Help You in Times of Today

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