Saturday, October 1, 2011

Personal Values, Beliefs, Fears and Your Health Issues Today - Are You Having Kidney Problems?

Your current health issues are always a glimpse into your personal values, beliefs and fears that are calling out for attention, balance and healing. Limiting beliefs left unresolved lead to blocks in energy on every level, including the physical. In continuation of this series of health wellness articles, let us look at how this all relates to kidney problems.

Louise Hay is a pioneer in the mind body map field who helps her readers understand the relationship between personal values, beliefs, fears and their current health issues. Every time you experience a health challenge, you can always begin your inner work to understand its underlying issues by checking her 'Heal Your Body' manual.

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If kidney problems are one of your current or recent health issues, take a deep centering breath to help you relate the following to your current life situation.

Personal Values, Beliefs, Fears and 'Heal Your Body' Causes of Kidney Problems

Criticism, disappointment, failure. Shame. Reacting like a little kid.

Louise Hay Affirmations For General Health Wellness Mind Body Spirit Approach To Kidney Problems

Divine right action is always taking place in my life. Only good comes from each experience. It is safe to grow up.

Personal Values Beliefs, Dimensions of Health and Wellness Tips For Kidney Problems

Use the above to relate your life issues to your current or recent kidney problems. Even if there does not seem to be much correlation immediately, mull the possible causes and work with the Louise Hay affirmations. This will help to pry deeper insights from your conscious and subconscious memory.

Spend more time with yourself to explore your inner world of personal values, beliefs, fears and your unique life purpose. This will yield even more insights that you can use to clear blocked energy, move your life forward and manifest more of your deepest heart desires.

Personal Values, Beliefs, Fears and Your Health Issues Today - Are You Having Kidney Problems?

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