Saturday, October 22, 2011

Which Foods With DHA Are the Best For the Maximum Health Rewards?

When it comes to foods with DHA, the list is quite short and there are not so many available now because of modern farming methods. Here are the best sources for the maximum rewards.

Very small amounts of DHA may be made in the body from an essential fatty acid, linolenic acid, but the amount made is very low and most comes from our diet. It is mainly found in animal products such as fish, eggs and meats.

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However, foods with DHA today contain a lot less as the animals no longer eat a natural rich diet themselves, so the corresponding omega 3 levels are much lower.

Oily fish, such as hoki, mackerel, herring and salmon are the richest dietary source of omega 3 fatty acids containing 10 to 100 times more DHA than non fish sources such as nuts, seeds, whole grains and dark green, leafy vegetables.

Those who follow a strict vegetarian diet are most likely to have a low DHA level as the vegetable sources contain an omega 3 called ALA which affects the body in a different way and is rarely converted into the two more useful ones, DHA and EPA.

With an estimated 90% of us being deficient in omega 3 fats, and with most fish today contaminated with toxins like mercury and arsenic, experts agree that a supplement is the best solution of all the foods with DHA.

If you want the health rewards like prevention of heart disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help in the fight against breast and prostate cancer and the effective treatment of arthritis to name a few, then a daily distilled fish oil supplement is the answer.

To select the most effective and safe one ensure it's been molecularly distilled to remove all the harmful impurities and one obviously high in DHA and I would recommend at least 250mg of DHA per capsule.

Many on the market today contain low levels of DHA and may contain traces of the harmful contaminants so check out the website or label carefully to check.

Since the foods with DHA omega 3 fatty acids is so short, an omega 3 supplement containing purified fish oil is the best choice for a healthy diet.

If you would like to learn more about the high quality DHA omega 3 supplements I personally take daily, visit my website today.

Which Foods With DHA Are the Best For the Maximum Health Rewards?

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