Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Health Insurance For Preexisting Conditions

So you have a preexisting medical condition? And you are looking for affordable healthcare coverage. Right! These are some of the most common health concerns today.

Or maybe you have just moved from one job to another and your new employer does not offer a healthcare plan. Or possibly you lost your group insurance coverage due to some situation completely outside your control. When someone is confronted with these situations and they also have pre existing conditions, this really makes it tough to find affordable health coverage. The main reason is obvious... the risk you impose to the insurer is just too great.

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Preexisting conditions involving health are defined and treated differently from insurance company to insurance company. Generally speaking, a pre existing condition is any medical condition that a policyholder had knowledge of, or was treated for, prior to enrolling in a healthcare plan. This really becomes a problem when individuals with preexisting conditions are forced to seek new health coverage because of a change in employment or other reasons. It may only take what looks like a small reason, but an insurer can deny a policy completely or to maybe refuse coverage of the pre existing conditions.

You can find health insurance for preexisting conditions but this may not be easy. There are some insurance companies who will provide you with health coverage; however, most companies will not. Typically the insurance companies do not wish to provide coverage for circumstances that are already known to exist. Let's be honest, insurers prefer to insure people who are not likely to NEED health insurance.

One way insurance carriers try to discourage people from waiting until they get sick to purchase a health plan is to impose a pre-existing condition exclusion period. What this means is that if you have a medical condition at the time you enroll into or purchase a health plan, the insurance companies can deny all claims pertaining to that medical condition for a certain period of time. So when looking for an individual healthcare policy, the rules governing the pre-existing condition exclusion period can vary widely from state to state. Usually this is limited to 12 months and applies to health conditions for which you sought treatment in the 6 months leading up to enrollment. If you have a letter of creditable coverage you may be able to reduce or completely offset your pre existing condition exclusion period. For example, if you were covered under an individual or group policy before enrolling, you may be able to subtract the amount of time you were covered from the pre-existing condition exclusion period.

The insurance choices for those with a pre-existing condition are somewhat limited. Hopefully you can enroll with an employer-sponsored group health plan. This is your best choice by far but for many this is not possible. Maybe a professional organization such as the Chamber of Commerce can provide you with some health coverage.

Applying for individual health insurance is still a possibility but you will probably meet with some insurance declines before you can obtain acceptable healthcare. If your state has a risk pool then this is something you definitely investigate. Today, Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance is becoming a great alternative as better health plans exist now than just a few years ago.

It really does not matter if they are covered by insurance or not, the total cost of healthcare for someone with pre existing conditions will be high enough to dramatically impact that persons lifestyle. To get the best possible health insurance for your preexisting conditions, you will need to investigate your choices, do your homework and make wise decisions. Only you can judge what is best for your situation.

Health Insurance For Preexisting Conditions

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