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The highest paying careers in Allied Health Today

Allied Health Professions and Related Health-note-is used to describe a group of health workers, including more than 200 different professions in health care to identify. Current estimates are that 5 million allied health professionals who are active in over 80 different professions. This represents approximately 60% of all services, but that is only a fraction of those allied health professionals arenecessary to meet current health and future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers over 36% more in the health of allies will be needed over the next ten years.

Allied Health Professions are divided into two general categories: technical change (assistants) and therapists / technicians, and educational requirements and salaries.

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Allied Health Technicians

The technicians are trained to perform the procedures, and their training lasts lesstwo years. You are forced to work under the supervision of technicians or therapists. This part of the allied health field includes physical therapy assistants, medical laboratory technicians, radiological technicians, occupational therapy assistants, recreation therapy assistant and respiratory therapy technicians.

Engineers can begin working very quickly in their chosen field is necessary because of the short training period. Some careers as allied healthThe technicians will need less than a year of secondary education, usually at a vocational or technical school or college.

Salaries for engineers are in line with educational needs, but some areas pay more than others. For example, a medical assistant salary from $ 22,000 per year (although the average wage is closer to $ 28,000 for medical assistants), but an ophthalmic technician starting salary can be as high as $ 39 000, with close to earning thesame amount of education.

Here is a list of starting salaries for engineers related health issues, from highest to lowest, according to the American Medical Association.

Allied Health Career annual salary of $

Respiratory Therapist 41 537

Ophthalmic Technician 39 000

Clinical laboratory technician / medical laboratory technician 37 100

Radiographer 36 918

Electro Diagnostic Technologist € 34 726

Occupational therapy assistant33 000

Kinesiologist 32 500

Dental Assistant 32 198

Dental 31 780

Physiotherapist Assistant 30 000

Health information technicians 30 000

Ophthalmic Optician 27 000

Phlebotomist 24 315

Receptionist 22 650

Orthopedics and orthopedic-22000

Pharmacy technician 19 000

Ophthalmic Laboratory 15 100

Health & Allied Technologists Therapists

TheEducational process for therapists or technologists is more intense and includes the ability to purchase procedure. In addition, students learn about therapy / technology to evaluate patients, diagnose conditions, develop treatment plans and understand the reasons for the different treatments to assess their suitability and possible side effects. Curricula to teach students to evaluate the responses of patients' therapy and appropriate decisions about further treatment orModification of treatment plans.

Many careers as health professionals and complementary technologies will have a degree, and some additional post-baccalaureate. As a result tend to run much higher salaries to work as therapists and related health technicians, although there are still large differences in pay. For example, an anesthesiologist assistant while an entry level salary can be as high as $ 95 thousand a year, a kind of therapist canstill earn less than $ 32,000 a year with the same amount of education.

Here is a list of starting salaries for allied health therapists and technologists, from highest to lowest, according to the American Medical Association.

Allied Health Career annual salary of $

Anesthesiologist assistant 95 000

Medical Assistant 71 000

67 429 Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Radiation therapists65 381

Perfusionist 60 000

Pathologist Assistant 55 000

Physiotherapist 54 000

Language Speech Pathologist 52 694

Supervisor Cytotec 48 000

Cytotechnologist 46 000

Occupational Therapist 46 000

Orientation and Mobility Specialist 46 000

Specialist in Blood Bank Technology 45 000

Technologist Magnetic Resonance 44 410

DoctorLibrarian 41 000

Health Information Administrator 40 000

Dieticians / nutritionists 35 300

The highest paying careers in Allied Health Today

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